Thursday, 5 May 2016

One metre of lace = refashion


Yip, that's all it took - only 1 metre of lace.  This t-shirt had an elasticated waist, which, at the time I thought would be great but in practice it kept riding up.  When you are tall with a long torso like me, it's a pain in the derrier to have to keep on pulling your top down.  In the long run it meant that this t-shirt, which I really like, would end up in the charity shop donation bag.

Instead, voila!  It took about half an hour to unpick the elastic, pin on the lace and stitch it down.  It's lengthened the top and revealed a slight A-line shaping which is proving to be flattering on my not-so-slim figure.

Yay for a successfull tweak!

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  1. great job you have done here far too nice to send to a charity shop.


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