Monday, 6 January 2014

Show and Tell : Mom's rose garden dresden

Ever since I can remembers Mom has had the palest shade of green curtains hanging in her bedroom.  One of her life dreams was to have green fingers and a flourishing flower garden. 

Unfortunately the soil on her plot and the climate where she lives are a major stumbling block and she is a better sewist than gardener.

So I planned to make her an old styled quilt with colours to co-ordinate with her curtains and some blooms that would never fade. 

The fabrics  are a collection of green foliage depicting fabrics and roses and other blooms in shades of pinks - all scrappy fabrics, some rummaged from The Skep's skep and others were really old fabrics from my oldest stash. 


Over time and one by one I cut the fabrics and sewed the dresden plates.  When they were all done I arranged them in a pattern that I found pleasing and hand appliqued them onto a cream background. 


Some stripey fabric got added to frame the centre of the quilt top and then more of the background fabric until it was big enough to cover the top of a king size bed. 

I come from a family of tall people and we need beds that are at least 2 metres in length.  Even so my feet usually end up over the end of the mattrass when I'm sleeping.

Actually on 15th August 2012 I posted about the dresden plates top and getting it quilted.   Somewhere I have a note of the length and width of the quilt, but unfortunately am not able to find it right now - that's why there's the token photo of the quilt top on the bed. 

When I flew out to visit Mom in December 2013 there was a lot of space in the suitcase and so I was very pleased to be able to pack the quilt in and eventually be able to give it to her as her Christmas present.  She was thrilled especially as she is still sleeping a lot, particularly after chemo treatments.

 Here it is with binding attached.  One day I'd like to make another dresden plate quilt top, it was fun and easy to do, especially as a scrappy quilt - my favourite kind of quilting.

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