Saturday, 18 May 2013

Testing my birthday present

So just the other day I celebrated another birthday and in a tradition l established in 2000 when l was widowed, l bought myself a present.

For sometime now I've wanted to be able to take and share photo's with family and friends, and chat to them on Skype, Tweet, have access to lnstagram and part of me just wanted to be one of the gang. After chatting to my colleagues I decided on the Samsung Galaxy Note11

After lots of hiccups I finally got it connected and downloaded and this is my first Android based post. If anyone has any tips for either blogging on the go or just blogging from a Smartphone or any other tip or shortcut then please do not be shy - leave a comment.

I am very curious to see where the photo will be placed and am reserving the right to edit on the pc if I think it needs fixing.

Hope you all have a really lovely weekend.

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