Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Something new for 2013

By end of my shift on 24th December my voice was gone.  Yesterday it started to come back and although it doesn't sound like me, at least I have a voice - Yay!

So, during the last few days I've had the chance to surf the net a little and read some lovely blogs and found some patterns that I like the look of and are mostly free.  One of these was by McCalls and it's a wall hanging called Ring of Hearts.  Deciding to make the wall hanging also allows me to link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced, for her Work in Progress Wednesday.

Now, to help you follow my thought train, you need to be reminded that although the silly season is now behind us, Valentines Day is only six weeks away!

To make sure they were evenly spaced we (yes, he was watching over my shoulder), put a pin in the centre of the square and used the tape measure to place each heart the same distance away from the pin.

Right now, it is up on the board and I need to sort out a backing and some left over batting.  The pattern allows for some handquilting but I'm now sure I'll go that far. I'm loving the richness of the colours, maybe it's because they make me feel warmer in the grey light of the last few days.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

And this folks, is my current, new, Work in Progress.  This does not mean there are no UFO's, just that but for now, I'm focusing on this one to make sure it's ready in less than six weeks.


  1. I really get needing a new project to get started sewing again after the holidays. Me too.

    I really like the fabric choices and the scrappy look of the wreath.

  2. sweet project. good to focus and not get all distracted like I tend to do.

  3. I love your project! And the border fabric is just perfect!

  4. I'm glad someone is thinking ahead. I never realize Valentine's day is near until it's the too close to do anything. I found you at Lily's - I'm following you now.


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