Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Achievements in 2012

Happy New Year everyone.   

At the start of a new year it's always good to reflect on the past year.  Here's my recap.

2012 has been a year of ups and downs and laughter and tears.   Having started 2012 by carrying on with studies toward higher achievements and qualifications in social welfare and care of those with all forms of dementia, specifically acute complex dementia.  Some days were tough and long but in the end I won and now have three extra qualifications which have also led to a new job with a new company.

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In all of that there were times when I was stressed and desperately unhappy, and the only remedy was to hole up at the sewing machine and my cutting table. Over the years I had collected some fabrics that no longer fitted in with anything and it was time to use or lose them. After some time with a new friend I set about rather randomly putting fabrics together and making churndash blocks. I’d always wanted a quilt made using the churndash block and for an unplanned quilt, it has turned out pretty good. Chris quilted it for me, using a winter flannel sheet I bought from a well known home decor store. The quilting pattern is called Maggie Rose and it shows up nicely on the flannel sheet on the back of the quilt. Enman really likes this quilt. So do I because it is made to be used, snuggled up and wrapped around knees or shoulders, not hung on a wall.

This sixteen block quilt top was also made with the purpose of using up old fabric stash and the top is now complete.  It’s number two in the pile of tops to be quilted.

This embroidery I saw in an Australian magazine and it’s been on my to-do list forever.  I’ve thorougly enjoyed making it and again it’s been a stress buster.
I joined two, three by six bees and got to make some blocks in designs I’ve not sewn before and enjoyed that opportunity.  The first group was for Stars in colours chosen by the receiver.
The second group was for traditional blocks with the colours also being chosen by the receiver.  I think a quilt made with either the stars or the bowtie blocks would look lovely.
102_8192 (1024x513)
I saw venticular clouds for the first time ever.  As the day progressed they became more defined and separated from each other creating such a stunning display that they even made the evening news on telly.
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We didn’t really get much warm sunshine in the garden but when we did nature certainly rewarded our efforts. 
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I got to make my first really modern quilt, a mini quilt for a doll quilt swap.  I really really enjoyed that and was grateful for the suggestions when I wasn’t sure in how to quilt it.
102_7440 (1024x767)
In an attempt to hopefully confuse everyone during the swap, I also made this quilt using scrappy leftovers.  It’s turned out quite nicely thank you and looks great on our upstairs wall.
102_7599 102_7626 (1024x767)

While the flower garden is mine (so I’ve been told), the veg / kitchen garden is his and so I was very impressed to get home from work one day and find these on the pantry shelf.
I also got to make a scrap dresden plate quilt.  It also has a cream flannel sheet for it’s backing, making it snuggly too.  Chris quilted it for me, she really is good and has won many awards for her work.   The weather has made all surfaces outside impossible for laying a cream quilt on for photo’s of the finished item.   Roll on spring!
102_7410 (1024x767)
We also adopted Beatrice and Eugenie, as they were rescue battery chickens.  Almost every day we have two eggs and when they don’t produce we whisper ‘chicken soup’ and the next day we get eggs again.

What I haven’t shown you is evidence of how fortunate I am that I was able to attend this years Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, Great North Quilt Show at the show grounds in Harrogate and the Harrogate  Knitting and Stitching Show.   Nor the non-quilty photo’s taken from outings to Morecombe Bay, York, Ripon, Skipton, a trip on a canal boat (narrow boat) and my old home town in the Nidderdale.

Clearly, it was actually a good year.  Here’s wishing that 2013 will bring good health, prosperity, happiness, much love, and also be as productive as the last year, if not more so.   I’d love to study some more but maybe this year I’ll give it a rest and focus more on home life.

Just so you know, I'm linking in with Lynn (of Lily's Quilts) for both her

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Lily's Quilts

Edit:  The post was written in Windows Live Writer and I've only just seen that the pictures look faded and blurry.  If you click on each one they open up to a decent size, focused and with clearer vibrant colour.


  1. Looks like you had a really productive year with some lovely makes - well done

  2. you've had a very wonderful productive year - congrats on the new job - all your hard work paid off. Your stress busting was very successful - some beautiful projects to show for it. Here's to continuing success in 2013!

  3. Wow - love all your quilts, especially the Dresden. I'm hoping that will be my next make! Great to find your blog x

    1. Thanks Sonia and welcome to my blog. The dresden is both easy and fun to make. Good luck with it.

  4. You must have enjoyed my jam....You ate most of it!.. <3...xx

    1. I did too! You'll have to make some more this year.

  5. Hi! Just found you via Lynn's Small Blog Meet. I love your embroidery - it's amazing!! I'd love to do embroidery like that, something to try this year :) Same with the Dresden quilt - really gorgeous and one I want try out. Love seeing them being done by others, x

  6. popped in from Lily's quilts, you have enjoyed your year! good to have so many makes!


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