Thursday, 6 December 2012


Everyone else seems to be posting blogs that are related to Christmas, be it Christmas trees, presents, sewing or making gifts for family, friends, teachers, neighbours, colleagues or the last few frosty mornings.

My blog posts are so behind and I'm not going to ask forgiveness for this.  The fact of the matter is my chosen career path just plain and simply does not allow for some form of routine.  I work long days, sometimes up to 14 hours, on an unsociable unpredictable rota which includes Saturdays and Sundays and most of the bank holidays.  When I get home I'm too tired to eat and after a chit chat with my man all I want is my bed.

However, after a day of recovery (translated:  doing the bare minumin for a day) I do have spurts of energy.  The latest energy spurt was spent 'thinning' out our wardrobes and drawers.  Since the start of the steroid treatment for my arthritus, my dress size has changed and it seems it might be a long time before I'm going to be able to fit into some of the pretty items in my wardrobe. 

When all was done and the black bags had been delivered to the charity shop It felt good and there was space between the hangers.  Enman then followed suit and had a clean out of his wardrobe.  If I tell you he had 22 t-shirts I'm not lying!!  Oh, and that does not include proper button down shirts with collars and cuffs - we won't count those.  His dress size has also changed (in sympathy with mine) and it didn't take long for him a also have a pile of t-shirts ready for charity. 

 Enman uses his late Mum's leather recliner which is well worn but oh so comfortable and fits his large frame perfectly.  However, he has a dodgy back which surgery cannot mend, and so he needs some extra lumber support in the way of a cushion.

When I saw this one, which I quite liked, was also in the pile I decided it was time to intervene.  It didn't take very long to cut up and stitch. T-shirt fabric is very forgiving when it comes to fitting it as a cushion cover.  As Harry sleeps on the chair at night I've included a zip along the length of the new cushion cover so that it can be removed and washed when the need arises.

I think it looks pretty cool and Enman is thrilled.   Best of all, it only took about half an hour.

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  1. I think that is super cool! Don't you love when favourite things get a new lease of life? You take care and don't overdo it, now.


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