Friday, 14 September 2012

Watcha doin?

If the sights on this work table are anything to go by, then you would think I’ve been a little busy.  See those blocks hanging sideways, well they are there because sometime ago when I went to visit Longarm Chris we ended up in a discussion about colour and fabric planning.  I’ve always been terribly shy and cautious in the use of colour and you will struggle to find purple, red yellow or neon style coloured fabric in my stash.  

Before I left Chris had set me a challenge which I’d accepted. The challenge is to make a quilt top using the churn dash block which I really do like.  The fabrics for the block may not be selected by matching or pairing them up.  It’s a bit like a brown paper bag challenge.  I’ve decided to use all my stale stash.  Some of these fabrics are ten years old if not older!
So, where the fabric piece could only offer 2 squares it was put together as a background set and where there was a bigger piece of fabric, it was cut to be the churn dash.  Then I took one of each set off their respective piles (without matching them) and sewed them together. 

This is when I admit that one block ended up looking so absolutely awful, that I did actually unsew it and sew it up with different fabrics.
 As I went along I pinned them up on the board so as to keep track. 
 There are a few more since then and I think it’s going to be OK especially when you consider that the fabrics have not purposely been matched.  After all, it's going to be my cuddle blankey for those cold evenings that are just around the corner.


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