Sunday, 2 September 2012

Meet Beatrice and Eugenie

During August (the proverbial) we did get quite a lot done even though it is not all photographed.  We made strawberry jam, pickled some green beans, and spent time with the chooks.  Have I told you about them yet?

 Meet Beatrice and Eugenie, who are rescue chickens and came to live with us in June.

Creating their sand bath

Nothing is sacred to these two and they have systematically all but destroyed the flower beds.  Now everything that we want to keep is fenced off and they have the run of the back garden, which thanks to them, is now snail and slug free. 

They really settled in well and answer when we call them, when they hear us rattle the dry worm container they come running over in their amusing waddle walk.

 When the green peas were ready for harvesting I'd pick them and then sit on the bench in the garden shelling the peas.  The chooks would climb up onto the bench, one on either side, and wait for me to shell the peas and then pick them out of my hand.  Needless to say we've not had many peas to eat ourselves this year.  They do love their greens ... they even attacked the spinach crop!  I must be getting old because I'm really enjoying the interaction with them.

And there are the obvious rewards.  They give us two eggs a day and as you can see, we've even had a double yolk egg.  Amazing!! 

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  1. Aw, the chooks sound like great 'pets' to have and the added bonus of eggs too. Love the image of them eating your peas on the bench

    1. Hi Catherine, You're right - they are wonderful pets and Harry (the dog) is very protective of them as if they were his children while Missus (the cat) ignores them with a disdainful air.


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