Sunday, 16 September 2012

Adding to the churn dash pile

It really doesn't take much time to put one of these blocks together.
The fantastic part of this journey is digging up and discovering fabrics I'd forgotten.
Somehow over the years I've become a hoarder ... without realising it ... Actually I think many quilters will relate to this revelation.

I don't even remember where some of these fabrics come from, but I am enjoying seeing them again.
Some of them, I remember, where put aside for that special project that you knew was going to come along one day.
It's not going to be a big quilt. I've laid them out and decided it will be a 6 rows x 4 coloumns quilt.  This means in total there needs to be 24 blocks.

Hey ho hey ho, I'm off to sew.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Watcha doin?

If the sights on this work table are anything to go by, then you would think I’ve been a little busy.  See those blocks hanging sideways, well they are there because sometime ago when I went to visit Longarm Chris we ended up in a discussion about colour and fabric planning.  I’ve always been terribly shy and cautious in the use of colour and you will struggle to find purple, red yellow or neon style coloured fabric in my stash.  

Before I left Chris had set me a challenge which I’d accepted. The challenge is to make a quilt top using the churn dash block which I really do like.  The fabrics for the block may not be selected by matching or pairing them up.  It’s a bit like a brown paper bag challenge.  I’ve decided to use all my stale stash.  Some of these fabrics are ten years old if not older!
So, where the fabric piece could only offer 2 squares it was put together as a background set and where there was a bigger piece of fabric, it was cut to be the churn dash.  Then I took one of each set off their respective piles (without matching them) and sewed them together. 

This is when I admit that one block ended up looking so absolutely awful, that I did actually unsew it and sew it up with different fabrics.
 As I went along I pinned them up on the board so as to keep track. 
 There are a few more since then and I think it’s going to be OK especially when you consider that the fabrics have not purposely been matched.  After all, it's going to be my cuddle blankey for those cold evenings that are just around the corner.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sew Buzzy

Yes, I have been 'Sew Buzzy' - that's also the name of the 12 month Flickr quilt block bee that started this month.

Michelle asked us to make her this block, named My Blue Heaven, using the pattern instructions from Quilter's Cache.  It came together very quickly and very easily.

If you look at the finished quilts listed under their makers names on page 2 of the pattern, you'll see that it's quite a good block for a scrappy quilt as well.

More coming soon,

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Do you wash ....

.... your fabrics, after acquiring them and before you use them?
I usually do and so when the sun came out in all it's glory today, I was so happy to take some of my winter time fabric finds and get them washed and out in the warm shade so they could dry. 

On my recent visit to the Festival of Quilts 2012 in Birmingham I found lovely additions for my stash, at Backstitch which was manned by the super friendly and helpful Alice and her assistant.  (Sorry for the blurry picture.) My stash severely lacks shades of yellow and orange as I'm only now learning to make friends with these colours.  Alice was very patient in helping me make a selection.   If you've got any scraps in those shades that you want rid of then please let me know.

Measure twice, cut once

Friday, 7 September 2012

And the sun came out

Last weekend we spent time gardening in the sunshine - yes - a few dry warm days with sunshine is enough to get anyone out of doors and soaking up the warmth of the sun.

There have been comma butterflies, tortoise shell butterflies, bumble bees and honey bees all over the buddleias.

The warm sunshine is finally ripening the tomatoes ... these are the little ones that are growing from a hanging basket.

They're lovely and juicy and it's great to pick them and eat them as we walk around the garden.

The blackberries are also starting to ripen and in a day or two we'l be picking them to make and add to our winter jam stash.

I've also been sewing and will post some pictures of those blocks tomorrow.

Until then, keep well,

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Meet Beatrice and Eugenie

During August (the proverbial) we did get quite a lot done even though it is not all photographed.  We made strawberry jam, pickled some green beans, and spent time with the chooks.  Have I told you about them yet?

 Meet Beatrice and Eugenie, who are rescue chickens and came to live with us in June.

Creating their sand bath

Nothing is sacred to these two and they have systematically all but destroyed the flower beds.  Now everything that we want to keep is fenced off and they have the run of the back garden, which thanks to them, is now snail and slug free. 

They really settled in well and answer when we call them, when they hear us rattle the dry worm container they come running over in their amusing waddle walk.

 When the green peas were ready for harvesting I'd pick them and then sit on the bench in the garden shelling the peas.  The chooks would climb up onto the bench, one on either side, and wait for me to shell the peas and then pick them out of my hand.  Needless to say we've not had many peas to eat ourselves this year.  They do love their greens ... they even attacked the spinach crop!  I must be getting old because I'm really enjoying the interaction with them.

And there are the obvious rewards.  They give us two eggs a day and as you can see, we've even had a double yolk egg.  Amazing!! 

Until next time,


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