Thursday, 30 August 2012

BQS3 posting day

And so the day has finally arrived when we're allowed to pop our Brit quilt Swap packages into the post.  In the end I put two quilts up on offer to my partner and asked her to vote, then based on the responses received, the one that she preferred is all wrapped up together with some goodies and in the hands of Royal Mail.

The postage stamp fabric is our new dining table cloth and I'm absolutely loving it.

 Last year I saw the tutorial for this little hexagon needlebook on Angela's blog My Three Sons and decided to bookmark until such time as I needed to make one. It really is the easiest tutorial to follow and takes almost no time at all!  As a quilter we don't always need things as much as we want them :)  While I was stalking my swap partner and following comments she left I got the impression she wasn't really a frilly fabric type of person and these buttons were just calling for a needle and thread ... get it ...

Then I wandered if she might one day like to try some hexagons the way Katy describes in her tutorial on Fat Quarterly blog, using a glue stick and popped one of these fabric glue pens into the parcel.

I'll be at work supporting my residents over the next few days and won't be here to keep pulling the curtain back when the postman is due, or to check the flickr group to see new photo's posted or ladies posting that they've received theirs. 

Be back soon,

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  1. ooh, looking forward to seeing which one you have sent out!


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