Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thanks Holly

Every now and again you discover that there are people out there that do give a hoot about what you think and go all out to deliver the very best service that they can.  Holly who has her Etsy shop at Certified Cute is one of those people.

What you might not know is that I have a serious weakness when it comes to Denyse Schmidt's fabric lines and over a period of time am in the process of collecting her fabrics.  There are a few patterns that are contenders for a quilt using this collection.  In my world the FQ's I have gotten together so far, which include these new ones, constitute a collection, some of you might think otherwise.

So when I read that there was a new fabric line out I started browsing and came across Holly who lets you make up your own bundle. 

Inbetween all this I'd bought myself an Accuquilt and had decided which dies to get.  After checking various websites and shops and not being able to find the diamond die locally, I cheekily wrote to Holly and asked her if she had any dies or if she had access to them and explained why.  Without obligation she said she would see what she could do.  In no time she had sourced one and put it in with the fabrics.  When the postman delivered the parcel I was so chuffed, if Holly had been near me she would have gotten the biggest hug.

I'd like to thank Holly for going to all the trouble that she did, for being a great communicator and an accommodating Seller.

PRESALE Chicopee Half Yard Bundle, Denyse Schmidt

When the new Chicopoo line comes out, guess where I'll be getting my stock.

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