Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wordless Wednesdays


I've decided to climb on the bandwagon and have a Wordless Wednesday.  
This schwe schwe fabric is one I bought in a northern town of South Africa, Nelspruit, when I flew out there for my brother, Rusty's funeral in May 2010.  I used the free tutorial generously given by Helen at Hugs from Helen .  It's a well written tutorial and was really easy to follow and make.
If you've already made one, let me know and leave a link so I can have a look.
Luff, Wendy
PS:  I really need to sort out a proper signature, but I'm a bit clueless.  If anyone knows how to do it please let me know how.  Thanks
PPS:  Today is Tuesday and this is not a wordless post, so, I suppose I should have said that as from tomorrow I'll be having a Wordless Wednesday.  

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