Thursday, 7 June 2012

Getting back on my bicycle

Well, Hello Everyone!

It would be fair to say that I've been missing for a while, but all for a good cause!  Last time that I posted proper was a hint about how I was struggling emotionally with my brother's death.  He was the youngest of the three of us (Me, my sister and my brother).  Time has not healed the wound or taken away the pain but it has dulled the ache and allowed us the time to aclimatise to just being two of us.

Me,Rusty and Law  

 He was christened Rodney, but because of the colour hair he and I share, strawberry blonde, he was quickly nicknamed Rusty.  My sister, who had white blonde hair was christened Julie, after Julie Andrews, my Dad's favourite actress at the time.  But Rusty couldn't say Julie, he called her Lawly and in no time that became Law and to this day she is known as Law.

My brother was the most optimistic person I've known and when, as adults, life gave us hiccups he would say, 'take it and use it to your advantage' and 'the world is your oyster'.  He is one of the reasons I moved 10 000kms and made a career change at age 45.  

Last year at the beginning of June I signed up for a 2yr course to get my QCF Level 3.  Around Christmas time we became aware that our Assessor was expecting her first child and so I made the decision to complete the course before she goes on maternity leave. This meant doing a 22 month course in 12 months.  At this moment in time I have one last assignment to finalise and hand in on Monday and apart from waiting for my Maths results, I'm done in 11 months! 

It has been tough, all consuming, has taken up all spare time and leisure activities (sewing) have been reduced to necessity only.  I was in a quilting bee and wanted to continue to honour my commitment to my Bee mates.  The Bee has sadly finished. To keep my sanity I have sewn curtains, bed frill, shopping bags and the odd mug rug or three.

Hello Kitty twins mug rug for the scrappy mug rug swap
 Those that have access to UK telly will know that there is the cutest animated yellowy blob being used in a supply company's adverts.  From the first time he saw the ad Enman laughed and fell in love with this wobbly character.  So yesterday while he was out I ran upstairs and got stuck in.  When he arrived back home he was promptly banned from coming upstairs.  (He brings me cups of tea - he is such a star!)  So in a small space of time I was able to hand him his new mug rug.  He laughed when he saw it and gave me the biggest bear hug.

Zingy mug rug for Enman  

So, folks, by the end of the month I hope to be posting more regularly and being able to contribute and participate more.  First on my list is to find a Bee to join.  

Happy Stitching

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