Thursday, 28 June 2012

It should have been

I love my little girl DQS quilt!

Wordless Wednesday but I missed the timeslot.  Jeewiz man, how does anyone miss a 24 hour timeslot when you can schedule a picture to pop up .... 

I'm in at the deepend doing more training and that is why.  Last year when I started this studying malarky I was given a whole handful of courses to study alongside each other and at the same time and if they had complimented each other directly it would have been easy but they weren't.  Anyway I got through them with a lot of stress and then due to budget constraints the company couldn't place us as they had originally planned.   

Nine months later and we're in a new financial year and the budget has changed enough to do some staff shuffling around with some going up the ladder.  I'm lucky enough to be one of those going up the ladder and this move is directly related to the effort I put in.  It has been a very tough year for me and at times I was mentally exhausted.  I've completed 3 different training courses in half the alotted time (11months instead of 22months).  Starting yesterday and running for the next two weeks I'm doing the practical side of one of these.  It does mean going into work on my own time but this time next month it will have been worth it.  

It does also mean that I need to organise my time more efficiently from now on.  Just so that I the sewer in me does not feel neglected I've made some of these 16 patch blocks as I sort and tidy my fabrics.  They're really quick and easy.  Where there is not enough to make strips for these blocks I've cut them into 2 1/2" blocks with a view to making a scrap vomit quilt one day, and if the pieces are smaller then they're in a bird nest somewhere or decomposing in landfill.

Wishing you a great day,

Friday, 22 June 2012

Embroidery thread giveaway

Part of getting back on track again has involved sorting out stuff.  Stuff is a word that I use loosely instead of acknowledging it is a mixture of items that are not rubbish but they're not in a designated place in an orderly arrangement.  So when I decided to tidy up it really was a case of just doing something, anything, but just get doing.  Soon I realised that my embroidery threads were in various packets and in various places which meant that when I've wanted a certain colour I spent so much time looking for it that I'd often run out of steam before I'd found it.  With all the packets gathered together I tipped them onto the dining table and started sorting them. 

Sorting involved winding threads onto the little cardboards, writing their manufacture and colour numbers on each one and then arranging them in number order.  

I was astonished at how quickly the tray filled up and not too surprised to find that there were some doubles, in one  or two cases there were even three of a kind.  Now they're all neatly arranged into three large thread holders and I've made up a little giveaway package with the doubles.  I've also found a double of a cross stitch pattern booklet and a large piece of aida fabric.  

The winner of the giveaway will get all these goodies -- a range of embroidery threads, 50cm square piece of aida fabric, a quilting hoop and the pattern book.  

To stand a chance of winning you do have to be a follower  and leave a comment.  On Sunday July 1st I'll get Enman to draw a winner and post it.  Please be sure that I can contact you by email too.

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Getting stuck in again

Wow folks, in my quest to find an online quilting bee / group not only have I found one but also another one that has a twist.  

The first new swap bee is a group of quilters who will make and swap different colour blocks each month so that in the end each member of Sunday Morning Quilts Bee will have the blocks to put together to make a quilt based on one contained in

 Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkinson.  

In the first month, June, we need to make yellow blocks and these are my two blocks which will be sent off (sniff sniff) to a new home.  Each month we will send our blocks to a different person.  I'm dying to see the blocks I'll receive.

The second group I've been lucky enough to get into is a new (UK only) 'Add-a-border' quilting bee brillianted named  

We start off by making the centre block for what will end up being a medallion quilt and then send it off the the next person who will add a border and then send it on.  We have two months within which to complete the border we each add.  Now I need to decide which kind of centre to make.  I've had a cruise through Flickr and there are some beautiful medallion quilts.  There are still places open so if you're interested in joining and you live in the UK, please go here and join us.   

On Flickr there are a group of quilters called Around the Bend and Across the Pond and they've made some absolutely stunning medallion quilts.  If mine ends up anything close to one of those I'll be a very happy woman!

In the meantime, I'm off to design a centre block and sort some embroidery threads which will be part of a give away that's coming up.



Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wordless Wednesdays


I've decided to climb on the bandwagon and have a Wordless Wednesday.  
This schwe schwe fabric is one I bought in a northern town of South Africa, Nelspruit, when I flew out there for my brother, Rusty's funeral in May 2010.  I used the free tutorial generously given by Helen at Hugs from Helen .  It's a well written tutorial and was really easy to follow and make.
If you've already made one, let me know and leave a link so I can have a look.
Luff, Wendy
PS:  I really need to sort out a proper signature, but I'm a bit clueless.  If anyone knows how to do it please let me know how.  Thanks
PPS:  Today is Tuesday and this is not a wordless post, so, I suppose I should have said that as from tomorrow I'll be having a Wordless Wednesday.  

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Getting back on my bicycle

Well, Hello Everyone!

It would be fair to say that I've been missing for a while, but all for a good cause!  Last time that I posted proper was a hint about how I was struggling emotionally with my brother's death.  He was the youngest of the three of us (Me, my sister and my brother).  Time has not healed the wound or taken away the pain but it has dulled the ache and allowed us the time to aclimatise to just being two of us.

Me,Rusty and Law  

 He was christened Rodney, but because of the colour hair he and I share, strawberry blonde, he was quickly nicknamed Rusty.  My sister, who had white blonde hair was christened Julie, after Julie Andrews, my Dad's favourite actress at the time.  But Rusty couldn't say Julie, he called her Lawly and in no time that became Law and to this day she is known as Law.

My brother was the most optimistic person I've known and when, as adults, life gave us hiccups he would say, 'take it and use it to your advantage' and 'the world is your oyster'.  He is one of the reasons I moved 10 000kms and made a career change at age 45.  

Last year at the beginning of June I signed up for a 2yr course to get my QCF Level 3.  Around Christmas time we became aware that our Assessor was expecting her first child and so I made the decision to complete the course before she goes on maternity leave. This meant doing a 22 month course in 12 months.  At this moment in time I have one last assignment to finalise and hand in on Monday and apart from waiting for my Maths results, I'm done in 11 months! 

It has been tough, all consuming, has taken up all spare time and leisure activities (sewing) have been reduced to necessity only.  I was in a quilting bee and wanted to continue to honour my commitment to my Bee mates.  The Bee has sadly finished. To keep my sanity I have sewn curtains, bed frill, shopping bags and the odd mug rug or three.

Hello Kitty twins mug rug for the scrappy mug rug swap
 Those that have access to UK telly will know that there is the cutest animated yellowy blob being used in a supply company's adverts.  From the first time he saw the ad Enman laughed and fell in love with this wobbly character.  So yesterday while he was out I ran upstairs and got stuck in.  When he arrived back home he was promptly banned from coming upstairs.  (He brings me cups of tea - he is such a star!)  So in a small space of time I was able to hand him his new mug rug.  He laughed when he saw it and gave me the biggest bear hug.

Zingy mug rug for Enman  

So, folks, by the end of the month I hope to be posting more regularly and being able to contribute and participate more.  First on my list is to find a Bee to join.  

Happy Stitching


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