Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lots and nothing

Sorry to say that I've been a right klutz and misery guts the last couple of weeks. By nature I withdraw when things get tough 'cause I don't want sympathy, just the time to heal. Somewhere in my body two nerves are trapped. One has been like that for about a year now and makes my left thigh numb except for when I walk uphill, then it feels like a knife twisting in the muscle. The other one started with simply getting into bed, out of nowhere a muscle spasm across my neck and right shoulder and that was it. Continuous pain across my shoulder, down my right arm and numb/tingling in my right hand and, I am right handed. It has been so frustrating.

(Photo of Rusty and I taken 15 Sept 2008)

Inbetween this I've enjoyed another birthday. Even though it has also been a year since my brother died, I've made a conscious decision not to make that event an annual memorial but to think of him daily as I did when he was alive.

My man has been so tolerant and tried his bestest to create escapes and activities that we can do. Imagine, one of our dates was a morning at the local garden centre. Does it sound boring / old? We don't think so and it was great, walking up and down various areas set out with colourful flowery plants, tall palms, roses, azaleas, rows and rows of seedlings in trays, garden ornaments like gnomes, cats, meerkats, rabbits and moles. This garden centre also stocks clothing, wellies, lights, chic and shabby decor stuff and tiles like this one.

It was quality time together plotting and planning plants for the garden. At dinner time we went over to the restaurant section and we had the loveliest, tastiest kitchen garden soup with fresh crusty rolls. [Thought: Mmmm, might have to go back for that]

After the garden shop we went onto a pet shop ... fatal .... there are always the cutest hamsters, bunnies, birds, fish, the odd snake, spider (ugh) and then for the first time I saw a chipmunk!

Aren't they just the cutests ever!


  1. Hi Wendz,
    CJ here from Sunshine and Shadow...I was so happy to see you are following my little neglected blog. Thank you for coming by.
    I hope you get this comment 'cause I see life is also getting in the way here. I sure hope you are feeling better. Trapped nerves are a real bummer - both M and I have had this nasty problem in the past. I am off to spend some time (whenever I can) rootling thru your archives and snooping! Lol, not in a snarky, lurker way but I always wonder why we Africans end up in the Northern hemisphere...And, I love the pics of the crafts - that dragonfly cushion is the Business!
    Anyway...hope you're well,
    All the best,


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