Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

I had the day off today and was quite selfish about how I spent my time. Firstly I had some quilting bee blocks to catch up on. April is April's turn and she has chosen to make the Swiss 'Chocolate by Amanda Murphy' quilt, the pattern for which is free and can be found here. I've enjoyed making them and may just use this block pattern (without the petals) myself.

Once that was done it was time for a walk and to take in the tranquility of the fishing area and blue bells in the woods. Harry couldn't contain himself and had such fun running left and right, sniffing and .... no, he didn't mark once!

It's incredible to believe that this expanse of water was almost totally frozen over in winter. Then it was eery with a misty haze but today it was warm and the sun streamed through the branches that had new leaves, some open and some still in the process of growing buds.

If you click on this photo it will open to it's full size. I just can't ever get enough of these types of scenes and love how the blue bells form a carpet of colour.

While many of you will be at home enjoying your Easter relaxing I will be at work and so I'm going to take this chance to wish you all a Very Happy Easter.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A really Lucky Win

Colleen over at Lucky Duck Dreams hosted a Quilt Fiesta! giveaway. This book written by Cheryl Lynch is so right up my alley as I'm one of those people that block pathways because I'm taking photo's of brick and tile patterns on floors and walls. It drives Enman mad and frustrates folk who just don't understand that these patterns are my inspiration.

Cheryl inscribed and signed the front page .... ooooooh, I'm just so chuffed.

The book is a record with photographs of her journey learning about mexican tiles. For each of the tiles she has a pattern, with variations in colour, layout and technique - applique and piecing.

Decisions, decisions. May is my month is the Sew2speak quilting bea and I think I might choose a block from those offered in this book, the problem is, which one. They are all so great.

Thank you Colleen.


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