Saturday, 5 March 2011

With permission

While showing Mrs P, my animal loving chum that we stayed with while on holiday in South Africa, what Flickr was all about and braggingly showing her all the lovely mug rugs you've all made, we came across the original of this one. Mrs P loved it and loved the concept of the mug rug as well so we wrote and asked permission to copy it and before long we received a reply from Lena saying "Please do!"

Mrs P produced her salad bowl of scraps (yes, she keeps them in a humungous see through salad bowl) and while she quilted a quilt for another friends grandson, I ran this one up. It was fun and now lies on her bedside cupboard ready for her morning mug of tea while she reads her scheduled 50 pages of one of her latest book club book before getting up.

Thank you Lena.

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  1. Your welcome :o) Your cat with attitude Mug Rug looks gorgeous. Take care.


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