Thursday, 3 March 2011

South Africa in bloom

Visiting in the summer meant we got to see most gardens at their very best. The warm and dry weather conditions mean that keeping your garden colourful and in flower is not the easiest task and you need to water often. These bougainvilla which come in many colours and have a papery feel to them thrive in the heat.

The Cape Doves take shelter on the bird feeder which is hanging in dappled shade underneath a large oak tree. The plant behind them is commonly known as an air plant. This one is hooked onto the branches of the oak tree. It grows by taking moisture from the air and doesn't harm its host or surroundings at all.
These beauties are commonly referred to as Everlasting flowers. They come up after the rains and the flowers are either white or pink. It is illegal to pick them although many folk do. As their name suggests, they do last a long long time. I know because when we were children we picked some and I still have them.
The last piccie for today is of these beautiful frangipani. It has the most awesome, albeit sweet, perfume and is so delicate. They look like marshmallows that have been cut up.

Till next time, xx

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