Sunday, 27 March 2011

Once upon a time ...

That's how long ago, it seems, that I made this quilt. It was a Thank You to a very special friend who helped me when I'd needed emergency surgery to remove a renegade ovary and was home within 24 hours, stuck in bed with no help. She selflessly came to see me every day and made sure there were meals, made cups of tea, got my laundry done and generally made sure I was OK.

While I lay in bed, only able to read, (and think,) I was able to formulate the pattern. In one of our many conversations she'd said that she wanted a new quilt for her round kitchen dining table and when I heard this I knew what had to be done. To ensure that it was something she would be happy with I would engage her to 'help' with colour choice, fabric choice and layout decisions every time she visited. Whereas I've always been a little conservative with colour choice, it would be fair to describe her as bold.

This quilt has been witness to many early morning cups of tea, bacon and egg sandwich breakfasts, bright sunshine streaming through the windows, quilting group get togethers, summer salad lunchtimes and soup and toast in winter, sociable evening buffets or her particularly delicious oxtail. Mmmmmmm, she is a good cook and wonderful hostess and it pleases me to see it, faded, but still well loved, gracing this corner hostess trolley in her conservatory.

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