Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Long journey

At the beginning of February this little Fokker took us from Yorkshire to Amsterdam where we boarded a Boeing 777-200 aeroplane that seats 318 people and flew to Cape Town. We left home at 4am and landed in Cape Town at 11pm the same day, taking the time zone change into account it took 12 hours to cover the 9697 kilometres between Amsterdam and Cape Town. The moment we stepped off the plane a wave of really warm air hit us. It was a great feeling and very different to the weather conditions we left behind in Yorkshire.

There were many people that I wanted to see but my son was top of the list. It was wonderful to see him again and chat face to face, catching up on where his life is headed. I'm very proud of him.

We were also very lucky to spend time with my Mom and Stepdad. This photo shows us together on their Wedding anniversary.

We chose not to travel around as we did last time, but stay and enjoy our immediate surroundings while relaxing. Enman took this photograph of Hermanus, a seaside village on the coast of the Western Cape Province, approximately 2 hours from Cape Town.

I took lots more photo's of flowers, landscape, sunsets, quilting, friends, crafts, food, stitchery and sights I don't want to forget, and will share them with you in the coming days.

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