Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mom's Banana Loaf

As far back as I can remember my Mother has loathed cooking and baking. She did cook lots of meals for us and we always had birthday cakes (nice ones too) and there were always biscuits in the cookie jar.

This is her banana loaf recipe, it is quick, easy, foolproof, keeps very well and freezes beautifully. It is the one baking item that regularly gets made and it fills the house with the loveliest aroma. Often when we go shopping there are packets of bananas at the mark down counter and so I buy them because in this recipe you get to use very ripe bananas. I buy the bananas in multiples of 6 so that if there are very very overripe bits you have to throw away then at the worst you get the equivalent of 5 bananas.

We usually can't wait for it to cool down before cutting it, spreading some butter all over it and sitting down with a cup of fresh hot tea and a slice of banana loaf.

Do try it, you won't be sorry. And, just so you know, it also keeps very well. When we've baked a few then each loaf gets cut in half, wrapped up and popped into the freezer. It's our way of making them last longer.

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