Thursday, 20 January 2011

A finish!

It's been a while since there was a quilty type finish under this roof and I'm absolutely in love with it. The border/binding is unusually part of the backing and is folded over towards the front = very effective.

We have redecorated our diningroom, the curtains are a deep ruby, the walls are magnolia, the table and chairs are old dark oak and all the colours can be found in this little gem which is on the wall next to the absolutely most gorgeous treasure (sorry, but I love it soooo much) of a Doll quilt which Scootin' Annie sent me as part of the DQS9 swap last year.

DQS10 is underway and as much as I regret not applying, it is going to be fun watching from the sideline. Plus, in two and a half weeks we will be flying to South Africa for a holiday and to visit with some very special people, particularly my son whom I've not seen for 2 yrs. I'm starting to get quite excited about it now.

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