Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mom's Banana Loaf

As far back as I can remember my Mother has loathed cooking and baking. She did cook lots of meals for us and we always had birthday cakes (nice ones too) and there were always biscuits in the cookie jar.

This is her banana loaf recipe, it is quick, easy, foolproof, keeps very well and freezes beautifully. It is the one baking item that regularly gets made and it fills the house with the loveliest aroma. Often when we go shopping there are packets of bananas at the mark down counter and so I buy them because in this recipe you get to use very ripe bananas. I buy the bananas in multiples of 6 so that if there are very very overripe bits you have to throw away then at the worst you get the equivalent of 5 bananas.

We usually can't wait for it to cool down before cutting it, spreading some butter all over it and sitting down with a cup of fresh hot tea and a slice of banana loaf.

Do try it, you won't be sorry. And, just so you know, it also keeps very well. When we've baked a few then each loaf gets cut in half, wrapped up and popped into the freezer. It's our way of making them last longer.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A finish!

It's been a while since there was a quilty type finish under this roof and I'm absolutely in love with it. The border/binding is unusually part of the backing and is folded over towards the front = very effective.

We have redecorated our diningroom, the curtains are a deep ruby, the walls are magnolia, the table and chairs are old dark oak and all the colours can be found in this little gem which is on the wall next to the absolutely most gorgeous treasure (sorry, but I love it soooo much) of a Doll quilt which Scootin' Annie sent me as part of the DQS9 swap last year.

DQS10 is underway and as much as I regret not applying, it is going to be fun watching from the sideline. Plus, in two and a half weeks we will be flying to South Africa for a holiday and to visit with some very special people, particularly my son whom I've not seen for 2 yrs. I'm starting to get quite excited about it now.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It went on and on and on ...

At work some bright spark decided that we needed to 'hide' the television for a few hours every day and promptly went out and bought two ready made red full length curtains and a couple of metres of red dress fabric for a valance which needed making.

A second bright spark said to the first bright spark 'why don't you ask her to make it, coz she sews' so first bright spark duly asked if moi would make the valance. Clearly this request came from one who does not sew as this valance was to hang from fresh air LOL Anyway, I still struggle to say No to requests and ended up with another to-do job on my currently burdoned list.

It took a day and a half and many many pins. Actually, I needed to take pins out of a quilt that is in progress, to use in this short curtain, pinning every couple of inches because it just kept slipping on itself. I'm reminded why I no longer do any dressmaking. However, having marked it, cut it, folded and pinned it, it just looked so pretty in it's raw state. It's total length was 318inches but it seemed like miles and miles of fabric while it was being sewn.

Now, I wish could take a picture of it now that it is finished and hung as it really looks so good and for those that did not know you would not say there was a television behind the curtains ... but it is in a home for vulnerable adults and taking pictures is strictly forbidden. Their reaction to the curtains made me feel guilty for not wanting to spend the time and has reminded me that we need to share out talents no matter how seemingly insignificant they are.


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