Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Winter fishing ponds

Yesterday ended with this most beautiful sight.

After clearing a cupboard or two of stuff not used for 12 months, getting some new curtains for our very recently redecorated diningroom and then driving to the DIY shop to find a new toilet roll holder (because I broke it) I drove past Bierley Woods. It had a mystical feel with low fog, oak leaves peeping out of snow on the ground, fallen tree trunks looking black against the frozen snow and ice of the fishing ponds.

I thought of and was inspired by the photo's that Rafael's Mom has been sharing and so came home, fetched Harry and off we went armed with his lead and camera. Usually when we go to the woods we'd let Harry run free but not today, I just did not want to take the chance that he might run onto the ice and have it crack under his weight. He is a proper couch potato even though he is small. It was a bit scary, walking on thick ice, listening to the crunch under your feet, silence apart from the water running from ponds higher up to those on lower levels. It is good to get out, enjoy what sights nature has to offer and just clear the mind. Having said that, even Harry was happy to get back indoors where he promptly curled up on his bed.

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