Sunday, 14 November 2010

Boxy bag

Boxy bag, originally uploaded by Wandering Wendz.
Lately I've felt the need for some 'instant gratification sewing'; you know the kind, when you can make something that doesn't take too long (like an hour or two) and before the sun sets you can square up your shoulders and look on with pride at something useful you've made.

For sometime I've wanted to make this boxy bag that I'd bookmarked when I saw the tutorial at Kelly's blog. I made it bigger than the measurements in the tutorial because I used a scrap piece of fabric and didn't want to leave anymore scrap after cutting and it takes all my hairclips, hairbands, slides etc. It is lined and was much easier than I thought. Go on, try one yourself ... it would make a great gift for Christmas too.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Mr Man

Wednesday morning we said goodbye to Mister Man, he was 17 years old.

He'd not been well for a while now. Being predominantly white haired and pale skinned he contracted cancer on the tip of his right ear. Last year the vet did a partial amputation of his ear in an attempt to heal it. The vet also told us that he had a heart murmur and prescribed tablets he had to take every day.

Despite all this he ruled the roost and put everyone in their place of pecking order. He kept laps warm and was company while you cooked in the kitchen. In the garden many a bird made the mistake of looking at him and thinking they were safe.

On Sundays he would dawdle to our neighbours over the road to get his weekly titbits left over from their roast dinner.

It's strange without him around and even Missus and Harry are behaving differently.

Mr Man, we will miss you.

Monday, 8 November 2010

No cross contamination

One of my colleagues recently celebrated her birthday. The environment we work in exposes us to MRSA, CDIF and a number of other contagious illnesses and so we are constantly on our guard to ensure our personal safety by using disposable gloves and aprons etc. This does of course mean that when we have our break and make a cup of tea, chances are you're going to be using a teaspoon that someone with MRSA has used. Some of us have our own mugs and cutlery at work and the rest, well, they just wing it. One colleague however, has serious issues with the possibility that she could contract these viruses, she will not even wash her mug in the same sink/dishwasher.

So, when it came to getting her a birthday gift I thought back and remembered how my Mom had made me a cutlery roll when I was 12 yrs old and going off to boarding school. (Note to self: remember to ask Mom what happened to it.) There is space for a teaspoon, knife, fork and soup/dessert spoon as well as space for a cloth to wipe your hands or dry your cutlery.

I've made it so that there is a flap to fold over the cutlery and then you roll it up and tie it with a tie that is stitched to the outside. The fabric is some that I got when I was in South Africa and my friend was thrilled to bits with it because she is of african descent and the print is very much the kind that her tribe uses in their traditional dress code.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mouse on a shroom

I know, I know, I've been MIA but all for a good reason. You might remember me telling you that there was a little studying going on. Well, it is done! All my work has been handed in and the internal examiner assures me that I've done really well and can hold my head high. Shew, when she said that I could have cried with relief as I'd been quite stressed about it all. Now, I'm just waiting for the external examiner to agree and send the necessary bit of paper that says so.

In the meantime, while I was studying, researching and 'producing evidence' (Yip, that's what they call it) to prove that I know what I know, Enman was poorly and in need of attention. He decided to go through our collection of Sew Hip magazines and look for something to make. Last year he made an Owl and thoroughly enjoyed the process of doing it all himself. The moment he saw this cheeky looking mouse he was decided and I had to oversee him choosing fabric (to make sure he didn't use anything that is earmarked for quilting). In no time he had finished Mr Mouse and had to take photographs. You remember the mushrooms I showed earlier, well this was a new one and it came in pretty handy.

Most men would be happy with this achievement but not mine. No, he went back to the magazines and found another stuffed animal to make.
As soon as I get a piccie of it I'll show you all. I've also got lots of other stuff to show.

Until then, take care.


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