Monday, 23 August 2010

Spores, spores everywhere

Don't quite know where they've come from but all of a sudden we have lots and lots of mushrooms growing in the garden. There is even a partial fairy ring. Yesterday we found this one.

So I grovelled and got a shot of this angle.

Then Enman picked it up and just look how big it is flattened out (and Enman has big hands too).
This is probably the strangest one ... it looks as if its upside down
These are now pretty common in our garden but just look ... and we'd removed some already.
While I was having fun at the Festival of Quilts, Enman spent the time with his sister, Jo and her husband they've also got a fungas growing ... but this is a fungus of note ... huge
This fungas effectively killed the tree so they had to have the tree 'carcus' removed which involved two cherry pickers, lots of ropes ... you get the picture.

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