Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tidying up

Well, that was the plan for today. So, I got started tidying up and was sorting out all the little bits that were lying around on my cutting mat and this is what happened. It fits in the palm of an adult woman's hand.
While eating a lunchtime sandwich with a cup of tea I sat down and caught up on some blogs. Found the cutest ~ little bird ~ stitchery by Jenny of ELEFANTZ and in no time the pattern was printed. However, it was a bit smaller than I wanted so copied it freehand onto some muslin, stitched some batting onto the muslin and voila.

Now, what to do ... make it a centre panel on a cushion, pocket on a shopping bag ... any ideas???

Best of all, this is how the day has ended, two dollops of greek yoghurt over fresh strawberries

picked 15 minutes earlier out of the garden. Mmmmm Yummy


  1. I just love love love this UJ - it's so clever the way you've done it and now I want to do some this way!

  2. i adore your little bird,and those berries look delicious!


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