Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Having a laugh

When I first saw I just could not help myself but laugh. Incredible, it's a poster promoting anti-littering. The cleaning up of litters costs Britian in the region of £858 million each year. That's a disgusting figure when you consider that instead of throwing rubbish on the pavement and putting it in the dustbin that figure could be slashed and the money used for other more worthwhile expenses. Should we have to employ folk to pick up litter? On dustbin day there is a young woman and an older man that come around and pick up all the litter off the streets and pavements. It all looks great until the school kids come home at about 3pm then you will find empty plastic cold drink bottles and empty crisp packets lying strewn around. I think it's great that at this time of great unemployment this couple have jobs, but really, they shouldn't have to pick up after others.

When I was growing up in South Africa they had a catchy phrase that went "Zap it in the zibi" and the poster (which I can't find a copy of) showed an ostrich throwing litter into a dustbin. This little phrase became a household quip eg

Q: Mom, what must I do with this?
A: Zap it in the zibi!

Do you zap it in the zibi?

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  1. Oh I love it! It drive me mad now littering. We did have a massive campaign when I was growing up here a few years ago (hum 70's hum) but now nothing seems to be done about it. Adults are worse than kids! It didn't help in London after the IRA bombings in the 80s/90s that all bins were taken out of public places like stations.
    Getting on a late night commuter train is dreadful, with take out packaging etc. And thats all the drunk adults (not that I've ever been one of those!).


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