Thursday, 22 July 2010

Liberty of London

Just a little stash building .... I love these and they feel so beeautiful but then Liberty has always been the prettiest and most tactile of fabrics. Don't you agree?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

DQS9 update

After butting my head against the wall for a few weeks now this is what eventually appeared. A selection of autumnal fabrics grouped themselves together and then the heat 'n bond joined them. 4 Pieces of A4 taped together to form an A3 piece of paper, compass and pencil, lightbox ... a good programme on the telly ... you know what it's like once you're n a roll. After cutting out the shapes it was decision time: how to place the petals, or in this case the leaves.

It was wierd, because they just placed themselves. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?!

They are raw edge leaves and I've decided to stitch them down using buttonhole stitch and hopefully will be able to colour co-ordinate the thread. In the past I've used invisible thread but this time, maybe colour is in order. Then to be contradictive, it might be nice to quilt it with the lightest colour thread possible.

I'm really enjoying this one!

PS: I'm watching Bridget Jones: The edge of reason and thoroughly enjoying it. She is such a klutz.

Having a laugh

When I first saw I just could not help myself but laugh. Incredible, it's a poster promoting anti-littering. The cleaning up of litters costs Britian in the region of £858 million each year. That's a disgusting figure when you consider that instead of throwing rubbish on the pavement and putting it in the dustbin that figure could be slashed and the money used for other more worthwhile expenses. Should we have to employ folk to pick up litter? On dustbin day there is a young woman and an older man that come around and pick up all the litter off the streets and pavements. It all looks great until the school kids come home at about 3pm then you will find empty plastic cold drink bottles and empty crisp packets lying strewn around. I think it's great that at this time of great unemployment this couple have jobs, but really, they shouldn't have to pick up after others.

When I was growing up in South Africa they had a catchy phrase that went "Zap it in the zibi" and the poster (which I can't find a copy of) showed an ostrich throwing litter into a dustbin. This little phrase became a household quip eg

Q: Mom, what must I do with this?
A: Zap it in the zibi!

Do you zap it in the zibi?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

When thieves lose!

I'm having a mutter, 'cause I'm actually quite cheesed off. And, it's all about one of these nifty little trolley tokens that are the same size as a £1 coin. Only mine was a gift from Enman and it had my name on it.

On Sunday morning we went to a shop that is on multi levels without the facility to take your trolley upstairs, so you have to leave your trolley unattended at the bottom of the stairs if you want/need to get anything that is displayed upstairs. We did need something upstairs, in the clothing department, and had no option but to leave said trolley at the bottom stair. Having come back downstairs, been to the checkout, paid, gone to the car and transferred the goodies to the car, Enman took the trolley to the trolley park area and then turned to me saying 'I can't get the token out'. Well, to cut a long story short, we figured out that while we were upstairs someone had fiddled with our trolley and removed the token thinking it was a £1 coin.

I know it's a silly thing to be upset about but it was a gift and it was mine. Just wish I could have seen the look on the thief's face when they eventually opened their hand to find that it was not a cash coin.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Another giveaway

Quilters are generous folk!

Little Miss Shabby is also having a giveaway of some out of print fabric bits. Good luck.


No ... not me, but the very generous Sheree, is having a giveaway.

Check it out here

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Summer Gala

Today was the annual West Yorkshire Fire Brigade Summer Gala and the weather could not have been better, overcast but warm.

There were lots of various charity tombola stalls, food stalls, we got some yummy new seaweed cheese, I know it sounds wierd but it's delicious! We bought some plants from two of the plant stalls too to plant in our new flower bed next to our new fence which I'll tell you about soon.

The police dog squad were there and we got to meet the dogs trained especially to seek out drugs, fire arms, money and explosives. The dogs are so unassuming and even cute 'n cuddly. We found out that they live with their handlers and go home with them every night and live a 'normal' dogs life out of work hours. They gave a demonstration with helicopters, sirens and the token baddy being caught and pulled down after a chase ...
We saw some rescued baby hedgehogs, this one had been abandoned by its Mom and was between 3 and 4 weeks old and only weighed 49g (under 2oz), half the size it should be. It was being fed with a pipet every hour with a special formula.
There was a dry stone walling demonstration ...
There were drummies and pom-pom girls ... right in the middle of this pack was the smallest little girl, we guessed her to be not older than 6 and she kept time with the older girls and had the biggest cutest smile all the time ...
In amongst all of this we found some craft stalls, this had handknitted cupcakes as embellishings on greetings cards
as well as knitted bunting (not shown in pic) and other knitted goodies.

and I got to meet and greet Max the police horse who was there with his stable partner Ice (not in the pic).

Hope your day was as fun as ours was.
Take care

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tidying up

Well, that was the plan for today. So, I got started tidying up and was sorting out all the little bits that were lying around on my cutting mat and this is what happened. It fits in the palm of an adult woman's hand.
While eating a lunchtime sandwich with a cup of tea I sat down and caught up on some blogs. Found the cutest ~ little bird ~ stitchery by Jenny of ELEFANTZ and in no time the pattern was printed. However, it was a bit smaller than I wanted so copied it freehand onto some muslin, stitched some batting onto the muslin and voila.

Now, what to do ... make it a centre panel on a cushion, pocket on a shopping bag ... any ideas???

Best of all, this is how the day has ended, two dollops of greek yoghurt over fresh strawberries

picked 15 minutes earlier out of the garden. Mmmmm Yummy

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mini quilts / Doll quilts

The last three years I've been lucky enough to go and spend a day at the Festival of Quilts that is held annually at the NEC in Birmingham. Walking from quilt to quilt I'm repeatedly left speechless at the beauty of each and every quilt no matter how different the colours and styles. It is always so clear that there are many talented and patient quilters out there and it usually leaves me feeling quite envious and of course inspired. Buying a brochure has not been an option as all spare cash has been set aside for rulers, FQ's, patterns, magazines, batting etc so while I've flattened the camera batteries taking pictures I'm unable to tell who made what.

These are some photo's of mini quilts / doll quilts that were entered. The precision and the tiny-ness of this left me gobsmacked.

This is such a cutie cottagie row by row type quilt.

This quilter cleverly put her name on a piece of paper and pinned it to the quilt so when piccies were taken we would know who made it. It's just the cutest ever.

At the beginning of this year I joined the DQS8 swap and made this one that went to the lovely Lynz of DOMESTIC LIGHT and MAGIC

and in turn received this fabulous one from Laurie of Every-Bit-Counts

Now, I've signed up for DQS9 (as if I've nothing else to do with my spare time) and this afternoon sat down and went through all my old foto's looking for inspiration. Right now I'm quite inspired so I know what more or less what I'm heading for.


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