Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rainbow spiderweb in progress

All the lovely blocks have come back from my fellow Quilting Bee ladies and this is what it looked like a few days ago. Slowly but surely the missing blocks have been constructed. Well, all except one that is. Enman said he also wanted to be able to make one and his is 3/4 made and when done is goes in the top right hand corner. It was interesting to see someone else sew the block in a completely different manner to the sewing routine I developed when putting them together.

The photo is a busy one with Enman's tumbler quilt on the one side and a crocheted granny blanket on the other. When he was a young boy and needed a blanket his older sister crocheted it for him and it has stood the test of time really well. Apologies for the darkness of the photo as it was taken in the light of an energy saving light bulb and we all know they don't exactly give as much light as the old fashioned ones.

Now that the quilt has reached this point I'm actually wondering whether to add a border or maybe a few extra blocks to lengthen it and then just bind it. What do you think?

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