Thursday, 3 June 2010

My psychologist ....

..... is my Bernina, my sewing bee, fabrics, needles and thread.

This afternoon I picked up the pile of envelopes with my name on and started going through them and there was an fat envelope from the US; from Cilvee (no blog); it's her turn this month in our quilting bee.
It didn't take much pursuading to get stuck in and very soon switched the sewing machine on, and wouldn't you know it in no time her blocks were done. With the first one there was a close shave as I didn't read the instructions to the end and almost cut into the fabric when I shouldn't have. Phew ... that would have been a disaster.

Cilvee asked us to make the Dutchmans Puzzle and gave us licence to use a number of different layouts for the blocks.

I hope this blocks layout is not too boring. In real life the colours are soooo much more alive and really were great to work with.

Drat and darn ... would you believe someone else has made an identical block! Cilvee did say these blocks were going into what she hopes will be a big quilt so I'm hoping she won't mind having a duplicate. The finished blocks will measure 12" square and each little flying goose measures 3" x 6".

My feet are tapping ... that's a good sign .....

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