Monday, 21 June 2010

Garden envy

We often pop over to visit with one of our neighbours, exchange the latest news and have a mug of tea or coffee with him. Recently we had a braai (barbeque) with him and I got to snap some pics of his garden. He spends quite a lot of time in his garden. Being retired he has the time and boy does it show. It's not that I want our garden to be a carbon copy of his it's just that it's so neat and tidy and established. There are secret spaces all over and it's always wonderful to take a walk around the corners and see what's flowering. Hopefully, one day, we will get to the point where there won't be so much work and we can just plonk ourselves down on chairs in the sunshine and enjoy it all as he is now able to do.
The details are lost in keeping the photograph in downloadable size, just believe me it's magical and the colours are amazing.

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