Thursday, 6 May 2010

Good intentions

Despite all my good intentions to get my head down and do a step by step of how I've sewn my spiderweb quilt blocks so as to hopefully make it easier for my fellow bee sewists, it didn't happen that simply. I've layed awake at night wondering how to do it because I've never set up a tutorial before and in my waking (wishing I was asleep) time, it seems I've over complicated it all in my head.

Then, when I could have done it, Enman's son moved back home and so we spent some time moving furniture and (our) stuff out of the room so that he could put his stuff into what was his old bedroom and had become the guest bedroom. Then a few days later the sewing room was sacrificed as a bedroom to a guest. I don't mind the guest, it's just that it bothers me no end when I have to disappoint folk.

I am actively creating a post which will be picture heavy to show how I sew the rainbow spiderweb block together. Because of all the pictures it might end up being split into two or three posts. If anyone out there can teach me an easy way to create a tutorial I'd be very grateful to hear from you. In the meantime, please beare with me.

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