Sunday, 18 April 2010

Keeping a journal

Many years ago I discovered my Dad, in his retirement, had started using a journal ... for everything! One half of the dining table had become his office and so you could catch a glimpse of it if you sat in the lounge. Visiting with them one day I saw this run-of-the-mill-stationery-shop journal lying on the table and asked him about it. He explained that now that he was retired he kept a note of everything that happened in his day including who visited, how he spent his pennies, the weather etc. In a sordid way I was pleased to see it because as children my parents had always insisted that they preferred home-handmade gifts to shop bought ones and so throughout my life it became a pattern that most gifts were homemade. By implication this involved thought, planning and effort which of course was what they were trying to instill in me and my siblings. That Christmas I made him a journal cover and included a new journal for the next year. After that it became the pattern that I supplied him his new journal every year.

Then, sadly, in 10th October 2006 he died, one month and one day after turning 70. We were devastated, he had been through so much and had seemed to be doing so well and then suddenly his health took a nose dive and died a six weeks later. My Mom really took it very badly and mourned so that she lost a lot of weight and we were very worried. In all of this she had started to look at his entries in his journals. Then she picked up where he had left off and started to note everything just as he had and when we last visited with her last year I saw that even though the year had changed she was still using his blue journal cover I had made him. I decided it was time for her to have a more feminine cover and made her this one. I know she will always keep my Dad's journal cover with his journals but now she has her own.

This is my first entry direct from Flickr (apart from the test one) and if it all goes well you will probably get more regular posts because it means I won't have to replicate picture loading etc.

Take care

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