Friday, 23 April 2010

Another weekend

Working in the health industry means shifts and so my weekends are not necessarily two days in a row nor are they always on Saturdays and Sundays. This means I take my 'me' time at times that are unorthadox to other folk. This evening I'm at the end of this weeks weekend and am grateful to have been able to spend sometime at the sewing machine. I love sewing! My machine is in a great spot where I can look out the window and can watch the horses on the hill, our own four legged children in the garden and when he is about I can watch Enman pottering around too.

A few days ago I only had one item left to make for a current swap and so started fiddling again. I like to fiddle with pencil and paper and that's usually how things grow. Right now and until it reaches it's new home I can't tell you what it is but I promise to show a full pic once it has arrived. (Pssst: if PQS3 means anything to you then you know what this is about .... ssssshhhhhhh)

Dipping into that pile of rescued photocopy errors paper I've drawn it out, chosen fabrics and got stuck in.

That blue piece of plastic you see is actually redundant xray plate. It was a tip someone gave me many years ago. Rescue some old plates from the xray department of your local hospital, wipe some amonia gel cleaner all over them and on both sides, leave for a couple of minutes, then wipe them over with a sponge, (the chemicals come off really easily) rinse under running water, dry them and voila, you have the perfect plate to make templates with. What's really nice is that you cut the paper template exactly to it's finished size, use a glue stick to stick it to the xray plate, then using a pen and ruler mark 1/4 inch away from the paper and cut it out on the pen line. So now, when you mark and cut your fabric you know that you have an accurate seam allowance all around.

Using this method all the pieces got cut, sewn together and in no time it was all done. It's great to see something coming together.

All this time Enman was downstairs pottering. This is what he has got going for us so far.

The tomatoe's are in their new beds with supporting canes. Enman likes to put the pots (in this case buckets) onto a bed of pebbles which are filled with water and the plant sends down roots and takes water as it needs it. It works!

The radishes are popping their little heads out of the soil. These are grown in a piece of guttering that is wedged in the supports of the greenhouse frame. They're at head height and so, just as we did last year we'll probably nibble at them while faffing around.

The sun was a bit strong but these are sweatpeas that are shooting. The seeds are planted into old toilet rolls and when they're big enough they can go into a pot exactly as they are. We recycle a lot and this is just one of the ways that we reuse household items.

To everyone that has a 'Saturday-Sunday' weekend, here's wishing you a relaxing one :)

Take care

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