Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Step by step

Not that long ago we were covered in snow. The world around us looked so clean and virginal. This is what we saw when we looked out the back door or out of my sewing room window. Since then the snow has melted and the miracle of nature has woken up the snowdrop, crocus and daffodil bulbs and they are growing. Mind you, so are the tulips and hyacinths and some other nameless bulbs that we have planted in tubs.The snowdrops are shutting shop but the crocus are the brightest happiest looking little things and they really do put a smile on my face when I see them open their little faces to the sunshine.
Over the past few days the romantic view of the back garden has changed somewhat. The rain has made the already waterlogged ground muddy (and slippery) and Enman has taken down the greenhouse. The old one served us very well and protected many fine crops of tomato, bell peppers, grapes (yes there is a vine that grows in there), radishes, lettuce, rocket, not to mention all the seedlings that started their life in their. So, at the moment the back garden looks a pretty messy sight with an open space and lots of pots showing various stages of growth.In a few months time this is all going to look so very different. Those wooden fan frames will be covered by three varieties of clematis, the new greenhouse will take up the space where the old one stood and that raggedy piece of vine you see will be covered in leaves and offering up trusses of grapes for our table. The mound of soil to the right is actually one of the veg allotments. This year we will create some more. Next year there will not be as many pots with bulbs in as we plan to make some changes to the garden design and then the bulbs will go straight into the soil.
One of the things we are saddest about is that the cold weather has destroyed the amaryllis that flowered so beautifully every year. On the bright side, Enman did find one little new amaryllis baby bulb next to its expired (mushy) parent.

The weather is warming up and the sun is up earlier. Our work is cut out for us but we don't mind as the garden is going to bring us and our four legged children many hours of pleasure.

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