Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 2

10 days ago I had to have a molar extracted. This was my first extraction ever and proved to be quite an unpleasant experience. Instead of healing the 'wound' area has become infected, bleeds continuously and is smelly. I managed to get an emergency 'sit-and-wait' appointment with the dentist this morning and he confirmed that the area was infected and prescribed some penicillin with instructions to get some probiotics to take with it. The tooth gave me problems for a very very long time and I hoped that the extraction would solve the problem. Lets hope the meds do the job.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to visit a friend down south for a few days. She also spent many years in Southern Africa and that coupled with our love of crafting, gardening, caring and womanhood is our bond. She is optimistic by nature and spending time in her company is the best medicine. This mosaic of photo's was taken during my last visit with her. No wonder she is always bubbly. She also lets me takes slips of the numerous flowers and shrubs she grows in the garden.

The car has had a wash, fuel tank filled, tyre pressures checked, now all that remains is to pack my suitcase and hope that the roads are good to drive and the roadworks are at a minimum.

Take care

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