Friday, 12 March 2010

Day 11 ... Signs of spring

Having been away since my last post I'm going to try and play catch up. These letter refers to 12 March 2010 or day 11. Forgive me if the numbered days of my holiday are muddled.

Isn't nature wonderful! These little gems were hidden under snow in frozen ground and with just a little warmth they pop up. I was just so excited to see them and just take it as a given that the never-ending snow is now behind us. The daffodils have also broken through as have the tulips and some others that I stupidly did not label. The garlic that we planted last year is also growing a little. Sadly, we have lost a fair amount of plants in the garden, eg climbing fuscia and all the geraniums, one of which was a real red stunner.

All fired up and excited I set about getting the seed box out and have planted up a whole lot of veg seeds and popped them into the propogator. This is when I get very mixed feelings, the eagerness to see them pop up through the soil and then the disappointment of seeing what has not grown. Either way my heart is skipping and singing as we enter into spring.

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