Friday, 12 March 2010

Day 10 ... Introducing Mister Man

The sun is coming up earlier every day and the temperature guage says it's warmer even though it does not always feel like it. Sitting in my chair this morning, drinking a welcome cup of tea, I noticed some activity out of the corner of my eye. Leaving forward I noticed Mister Man was paying attention to something I couldn't see. On closer inspection (on my hands and knees under the table) I found he had caught a little field mouse and brought it inside.

15 years ago one of Enman's friends found Mister Man's mom, heavily pregnant, in empty business premises. Very soon after he rescued her she gave birth. When the kittens were old enough to be separated from their Mom Enman chose Mister Man and brought him home. There are days when his age is against him and then their are days when he surprises us, like this morning when he caught the mouse. He is quite a large cat with the most beautiful silky fur. Being mostly white the sun has got to him and he has had to have part of his right ear amputated and every now and again his heart gets tired but we love him and he comes back again.

When the weather is good he pops over the road to one of the neighbours who, every Sunday, give him a big bone which he brings home to eat. In the garden we have a conifer hedge that the birds nest in and he can often be found lying under the hedge just waiting for the little birds to come out to feed. When we're working in the garden or just sitting in it enjoying the fruits of our labour he wanders around and last summer I simply had to capture this.

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