Monday, 29 March 2010

Baby steps

No, it's not the pitter patter of tiny feet ... more like stomp stomp as we make our way around the house and the garden trying to tackle so many different projects we have on the go and all at the same time.

Enman is slowly but surely (weather permitting) making headway with the assembling of the new greenhouse. On this piccie you can see the wooden beams fixed to the wall that the new one will be anchored to. See how much bigger it is going to be compared to where the old one is. We will be painting the wall but with the weather being so miserable and wet it will probably only happen after the whole lot is assembled. It is also possible that painting might only happen after the clematis has finished flowering this year. I have to keep reminding myself that Rome was not built in a day!
Took this piccie out of my sewing room window without him knowing! Our soil is quite waterlogged and getting a spade into it is not that easy.

What was I doing in the sewing room you ask ... sewing blocks for Anna, who has the first month of our quilting bee Sew 2 Speak. She asked for wonky log cabins. I've only ever worked with close/accurate measurements so this was like telling a child that they do not have to colour inside the lines.

Once I'd done the first one then the second one came together quite easily.
I think I might be putting one of these on my personal to-do-list. Would be great to do in scraps, although I think her colour choice is fab. The photo's just don't do the fabric justice. Can't wait to see it completed.

Take Care

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