Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Swap time

As you know, for a while I read about all the swaps that many of you were taking part in and, quite frankly, was jealous. It's taken a while but finally I found out where to go and folks, I got to tell you that it's such fun!!

This is my frienship star block for one of the swaps.

Another swap is the .... [drum roll] chocolate swap .... ooohhh! What fun, being able to shop for chocolate and not feel guilty. Picking out my favourites and not worrying about the calorie count. Now, I'm sat anxiously waiting to see what the postman delivers. Is this what it feels like to be a child waiting for some special event??

On a different note, whilst working behind closed doors to make Enman something for Valentines Day I had an accident. To explain I'm going to backtrack a little.

At this years Festival of Quilts held at the NEC in Birmingham I found the Olfa Circular Cutter and decided it was a must have for the craft room.

Then I found the Clover yo yo maker and thought the same.

It's been great fun sitting watching tele in the evenings making yo-yo's. It's so easy, first using the circular cutter to speedily cut out perfectly measured rounds and then making the yo yo.

Back to Valentine's project: As there were quite a few yo yo's in my box I decided to make Enman a new cushion cover with a romantic theme. As much as he is in touch with his feminine side I didn't think it fair to make it in pink and so got this far and was wondering just how to arrange the yo yo's. Whilst fiddling with them I was tidying up and picked up the circular cutter, went to pull the protectors over the blade and ... yes you guessed it, through bad judgment and not holding it properly I managed to slice into both my left thumb and index finger. Did you know just how much your finger tips bleed? Much later, after being treated by the resident first aid Enman I went back into the craft room and managed to finish it. Not quite what I had in mind but under the circumstances it was the best I could do.

Please be careful with your rotary cutting blades. It has put a stop to sewing for the moment but hopefully not for long.

Take care

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