Sunday, 7 February 2010

Stash shopping

I was recently lucky enough to be able to take some leave and Murphy's Law dictated that it would snow and be miserably so cold that I really was not even remotely tempted to go out. Then I heard about a 'new-to-me' quilting shop from two fellow quilters in my area. It certainly cheered me when Enman offered to drive me there. I'm just not confident enough to drive in these bad snowy conditions. So, before he could change his mind I accepted his offer and off we went. (He really is the most patient and generous soul!)

While we were shopping I asked about some buttons as they didn't seem to have many. The owner said they don't really stock them as they don't really want to be in competition with another shop around the corner that has a wonderful selection, and then she promptly gave us directions to get there. How unselfish is that?!

Once you opened the door of the button shop it was like Pandora's Box. Not only do they stock buttons but also all kinds of trim, cottons, original vintage transfers, bag (purse) clasps, bag handles, magnetic clips, and more buttons. The shop is on two levels and is probably in excess of 20 years old. I don't think it would be possible to do a stock take but you know what ... I don't care. I enjoyed myself so, finding new little boxes of unnecessary stuff (which of course always comes in handy) ... liken to a child's first visit to a certain ToysR... store.

Somehow, I just don't get a kick out of getting a new pair of shoes or jacket, but these additions to my stash cheer me up no end.

Take care

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