Thursday, 18 February 2010

On the receiving end

Whenever someone dressed in a high visibility vest passes the house Harry goes balistic. We think that somewhere in his younger days something happened that makes him hate the neon yellow/orange so much. However, this does mean that we get fair warning when the postman is close by. After being alerted yesterday, I waited to see what would be posted through our door. You have to understand that being in swaps has put a whole new angle on post delivery. True enough I got spoilt yesterday. Charms in a valentines theme and my first chocolate swap arrived.

Don't you just love all the little hearts on the top right hand envelope. There was also the cutest little card and oh boy ... the charms!!! Makes one feel very special.

Never having had the opportunity to taste a Reese's peanut chocolate meant it was extra special and we saved it for pudding after another delicious meal made by my resident chef, Enman. He really is a very good cook and whenever I work late shifts it is such a treat to come home, walk through the door and be greeted by the fabulous aroma of a meal cooking, a hot cup of tea and a hug and kiss. He really is a very special man and I'm a very lucky lady.

Harry's barking which means the postman is close by.

On that note, take care

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