Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just doing as I'm told!

I got home from work this morning and walked into a silent house! Entering the lounge the animals came to greet me, still the silence was uncomfortable. Up the stairs and lo and behold, there lies himself, under the covers. Bless, he said he was not feeling well.

About two hours later I dragged him off to the shop with the shopping list. It didn't take long to get everything and so I decided to get a lotto ticket and then he suggested a scratch card. So I chose one and when we'd set off I took the scratch card out of my purse and scratched. The very first line showed a win of £5. I'm thinking Yay!! Then after some more scratching I find another win of £5. Now how often, if ever, does that happen??? So, by now we're close to home when I scratch a third win of £5. All this time Enman is getting a running commentary on what's happening so he makes a detour back to the shop and walks in tall and proud. (He does have the loveliest broad shoulders and back). Yes, truly, we have won £15!

So, now, I've been told to tell you that all that seeing as he made us the nicest pork chops for supper tonight, as soon as I've finished posting this blog that

1. I'm going to make him a brew [Yorkshire speak for cup of coffee]; and that
2. I'll be treating him to Sunday morning breakfast at his favourite little cafe.

Best I go and put the kettle on then. Oh, it's just this winning grin on my face. Life is great you know!

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