Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just doing as I'm told!

I got home from work this morning and walked into a silent house! Entering the lounge the animals came to greet me, still the silence was uncomfortable. Up the stairs and lo and behold, there lies himself, under the covers. Bless, he said he was not feeling well.

About two hours later I dragged him off to the shop with the shopping list. It didn't take long to get everything and so I decided to get a lotto ticket and then he suggested a scratch card. So I chose one and when we'd set off I took the scratch card out of my purse and scratched. The very first line showed a win of £5. I'm thinking Yay!! Then after some more scratching I find another win of £5. Now how often, if ever, does that happen??? So, by now we're close to home when I scratch a third win of £5. All this time Enman is getting a running commentary on what's happening so he makes a detour back to the shop and walks in tall and proud. (He does have the loveliest broad shoulders and back). Yes, truly, we have won £15!

So, now, I've been told to tell you that all that seeing as he made us the nicest pork chops for supper tonight, as soon as I've finished posting this blog that

1. I'm going to make him a brew [Yorkshire speak for cup of coffee]; and that
2. I'll be treating him to Sunday morning breakfast at his favourite little cafe.

Best I go and put the kettle on then. Oh, it's just this winning grin on my face. Life is great you know!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Happy Birthday Bro

I can't believe it was some 18 months ago that my brother came to visit us in North Yorkshire. As autumn started to give way to winter he conceded that the cooler climate was not for him and so promptly left to head back to sunny South Africa.

Today he is 47 years young. Happy Birthday Bro. Love and miss you.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


When we planned where the blocks would go, he wasn't allowed near them
When we pinned the layers together on the carpet, he wasn't allowed near it
So when I put it down to take some pictures Harry took one look at me and couldn't find the 'keep off' look so he made himself at home, spreading his scent all over by rolling and turning.

I don't know how to tell him it's not his.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

On the receiving end

Whenever someone dressed in a high visibility vest passes the house Harry goes balistic. We think that somewhere in his younger days something happened that makes him hate the neon yellow/orange so much. However, this does mean that we get fair warning when the postman is close by. After being alerted yesterday, I waited to see what would be posted through our door. You have to understand that being in swaps has put a whole new angle on post delivery. True enough I got spoilt yesterday. Charms in a valentines theme and my first chocolate swap arrived.

Don't you just love all the little hearts on the top right hand envelope. There was also the cutest little card and oh boy ... the charms!!! Makes one feel very special.

Never having had the opportunity to taste a Reese's peanut chocolate meant it was extra special and we saved it for pudding after another delicious meal made by my resident chef, Enman. He really is a very good cook and whenever I work late shifts it is such a treat to come home, walk through the door and be greeted by the fabulous aroma of a meal cooking, a hot cup of tea and a hug and kiss. He really is a very special man and I'm a very lucky lady.

Harry's barking which means the postman is close by.

On that note, take care

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Swap time

As you know, for a while I read about all the swaps that many of you were taking part in and, quite frankly, was jealous. It's taken a while but finally I found out where to go and folks, I got to tell you that it's such fun!!

This is my frienship star block for one of the swaps.

Another swap is the .... [drum roll] chocolate swap .... ooohhh! What fun, being able to shop for chocolate and not feel guilty. Picking out my favourites and not worrying about the calorie count. Now, I'm sat anxiously waiting to see what the postman delivers. Is this what it feels like to be a child waiting for some special event??

On a different note, whilst working behind closed doors to make Enman something for Valentines Day I had an accident. To explain I'm going to backtrack a little.

At this years Festival of Quilts held at the NEC in Birmingham I found the Olfa Circular Cutter and decided it was a must have for the craft room.

Then I found the Clover yo yo maker and thought the same.

It's been great fun sitting watching tele in the evenings making yo-yo's. It's so easy, first using the circular cutter to speedily cut out perfectly measured rounds and then making the yo yo.

Back to Valentine's project: As there were quite a few yo yo's in my box I decided to make Enman a new cushion cover with a romantic theme. As much as he is in touch with his feminine side I didn't think it fair to make it in pink and so got this far and was wondering just how to arrange the yo yo's. Whilst fiddling with them I was tidying up and picked up the circular cutter, went to pull the protectors over the blade and ... yes you guessed it, through bad judgment and not holding it properly I managed to slice into both my left thumb and index finger. Did you know just how much your finger tips bleed? Much later, after being treated by the resident first aid Enman I went back into the craft room and managed to finish it. Not quite what I had in mind but under the circumstances it was the best I could do.

Please be careful with your rotary cutting blades. It has put a stop to sewing for the moment but hopefully not for long.

Take care

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Honouring old needles and pins

Catching up and reading interesting articles and information on various blogs gives me great pleasure. It's a way to acquire more 'useless information', which as we all know is never useless.

This morning, I found really interesting articles over on Stitchress Stumbles and Sujat Massey that highlighted the Festival of Broken Needles, where Japanese women gather once a year, on the 8th February, to thank their worn out needles and pins. It made me sit back and wonder what our lives would be like without these simple tools. Can you imagine not being able to pick up a needle, thread it and create, or mend? When last did you give your pincushion a squeeze to release all those lost but loved needles and pins?

Take care

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Stash shopping

I was recently lucky enough to be able to take some leave and Murphy's Law dictated that it would snow and be miserably so cold that I really was not even remotely tempted to go out. Then I heard about a 'new-to-me' quilting shop from two fellow quilters in my area. It certainly cheered me when Enman offered to drive me there. I'm just not confident enough to drive in these bad snowy conditions. So, before he could change his mind I accepted his offer and off we went. (He really is the most patient and generous soul!)

While we were shopping I asked about some buttons as they didn't seem to have many. The owner said they don't really stock them as they don't really want to be in competition with another shop around the corner that has a wonderful selection, and then she promptly gave us directions to get there. How unselfish is that?!

Once you opened the door of the button shop it was like Pandora's Box. Not only do they stock buttons but also all kinds of trim, cottons, original vintage transfers, bag (purse) clasps, bag handles, magnetic clips, and more buttons. The shop is on two levels and is probably in excess of 20 years old. I don't think it would be possible to do a stock take but you know what ... I don't care. I enjoyed myself so, finding new little boxes of unnecessary stuff (which of course always comes in handy) ... liken to a child's first visit to a certain ToysR... store.

Somehow, I just don't get a kick out of getting a new pair of shoes or jacket, but these additions to my stash cheer me up no end.

Take care

Thursday, 4 February 2010


You know how it is when you reading someones blog and they give a link to something they found ... well, here are some of the results of my research over the last few days and that's the reason why I haven't written before now.

After our evening meal Enman has this 'habit' of calling out "Pudding". No points for guessing that this man has a sweet tooth of note. In the course of my research Found this super quick cake recipe for 1 that's cooked in a mug in the microwave. It's an absolute winner and it's just so easy that he now makes it himself. In total it takes five minutes to make and he's had it with fruit, ice-cream and cream.

On another evening I found a link to Lettie's tutorial for a folded hexagon on her blog Polka Dot Pineapple. You simply must pay her a visit as she also some other amazing tutorials.

Together with a host of other very gifted crafters, Lettie is also featured on Freebies for Crafters, an amazing blog where there are patterns and tutorials to die for.

I hope you don't mind but as I love doing research, I'll be posting about my finds as and when they come along and hopefully it will inspire you as much as you all inspire me.

Take care

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


After days of indecision, taking fabrics out, matching them up, removing them, changing my mind about colour themes, this became the final selection of fabrics.

Enman once again stepped in to help and kindly cut a template exactly to size. In no time, while watching Emma which we recorded months ago, all the little pieces were cut out.

Then it was time to place them, that was fun.

While the snow has started falling outside again, I was able to get on and except for the choice of a border and the binding, the centre of this doll quilt is done. I really hope that my swap partner is going to like it.


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