Wednesday, 27 January 2010

With all the cold weather we had before Xmas and being housebound we decided to make a quilt for each of Enman's two granddaughters [as if I have nothing else to finish first :)] We selected fabrics, decided on a pattern and started cutting and sewing and ironing and trimming. Enman was just amazing!! He ironed and trimmed for hours and at one point said that he was getting tired of standing so I offered to do that part if he would sew and without hesitating we swapped. It was fantastic. I'm so grateful for that quality time we could spend together. When I started getting tired of sewing it was the fact that he was there that spurred me on and in no time the two tops were done.

We decided to use the same pattern and the same colours. The difference comes in the print on the fabrics and then each one got their initial in the bottom left hand corner.

The first quilt (picked at random) has been pinned and is currently under the machine being quilted. As a backing we decided to use a (new) kingsize flannel sheet which was big enough to back both quilts and give them a cosy feel as well as adding warmth.

With the left over bits I think it would be good to make a little matching friendship bag.

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