Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ripple Effects

While I try and figure out how to add buttons to my sidebar, let me tell you what Harry has been up to. Firstly, let me introduce Harry.

He is a rescue dog who we think must have previously belonged to either a pensioner or a disabled person. Why, because he loves chocolate and is petrified of walking sticks. He has been known to undo the zip on my handbag, take out a chocolate and eat it and in the morning all we find is the handbag on the floor and an open and empty wrapper. He can sniff out a chocolate better than the police dogs can find illegal drugs or bombs.

Last night we brought the buckets with fat balls (that we put out for the birds) inside as they were frozen due to the unrelenting cold weather we've experienced lately. This morning, I'm told, he had removed some from the buckets and there were fatballs in his bed and various places on the floor. As a direct result he has had a very upset tummy. Hopefully his recovery is going to be speedy. Needless to say, the bird food will now also be stored on tall counter tops together with the chocolates and biscuits.

Take Care, of yourselves and your four legged children.


  1. welcome to blogging. Harry sounds like a nice dog. We have a golden retriever. HIs name is Softie and lots of people think he is a she because of his name and because he is so gentle. Have fun in DQS8

  2. oh naughty boy!!! i wonder why chocolate doesnt hurt him? he is a cutie


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