Monday, 25 January 2010

New additions

After spending weeks and weekends indoors (when not working) due to the weather we were so pleased to see the snow and ice melting. We can now see that the bulbs have shoots that are about 3 inches above the soil level. Down in the south of England there are daffodils that are flowering already, but as spring happens later in Yorkshire we will have to wait.

This new freedom also meant we could take a drive out and planned to visit a cousin and who lives in Ripon. It also gave us a good excuse to do some charity shop browsing. It was in one of these fabulous little shops that we found this travelling iron, brand new, never used, in it's own little travel bag. In fact, I didn't spot it but Enman did and says that when he saw it he thought it would make a lovely little quilting iron. On arriving at home he was more eager to plug it in and try it out than I was and it works like a dream. I'm so grateful to have a man that supports my hobby so wholeheartedly.

This little beauty is our second new addition. Unlike the little iron, it has been well used and has a bobbin problem but we don't consider it a problem as it takes a generic bobbin and the cost is really low. It was advertised as 'Offered' as needing attention, on our local freecycle and no-one else responded so we got it. It sews beautifully, the tension is faultless and its quiet. The best of all is that it is the model prior to my very first sewing machine. I'm so chuffed. Thanks Tra.

To all the Scottish folk out there, Happy Burns night.

Take Care

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