Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Living through your child

As a young girl I remember often saying "I'll never do that to my child"; "When I have children I'll do it differently" etc. Then, when I was finally blessed with a child all that was forgotten. He has no ball skills, he is artistic, he writes right handed but eats left handed, has ADHD, loves music, can play online games for 48 hours solid; can rollerblade and ice skate as if he was born to do it. He once ate 21 Maccidees in a competition to see who could eat the most in 5 minutes; took a £10 bet to eat the worlds hottest chilli (and ended up with swollen lips for 2 days); he has perfect teeth and has never broken a bone. Boy Scouts - not a chance; uni student - never; life and soul of the party -always; generous - he would give you the shirt off his back. So, very early on I realised that most of my good intentions and plans would probably never come to fruition.

After spending hours of lurking on my DQS8 partner and formulating a few mental designs, I realised last night, that all these designs, although they were based on her likes and favourites, were actually patterns and designs I would like for myself but have not done yet, just like the plans I had for my son. My sewing workspace is littered with bundles of fabric in different colour ways. My Dad used to say 'KISS' (Keep it simple stupid). This morning I'm going to tidy up and pack away the fabrics and then pull some out again.

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