Friday, 29 January 2010

Pink block for breast cancer

In February 2008, my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she was referred to an amazing oncologist and surgeon. Her surgeries have been minimal although her treatments was hectic. Just before Christmas she was given the results of her last tests and was told that it is gone.

So when I found this thread on Flickr I felt compelled to take the time and make the effort to participate and donate.

I really enjoyed during something quick and different and knowing that it is for a good cause. I found the pattern for this block here.

Take care

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

With all the cold weather we had before Xmas and being housebound we decided to make a quilt for each of Enman's two granddaughters [as if I have nothing else to finish first :)] We selected fabrics, decided on a pattern and started cutting and sewing and ironing and trimming. Enman was just amazing!! He ironed and trimmed for hours and at one point said that he was getting tired of standing so I offered to do that part if he would sew and without hesitating we swapped. It was fantastic. I'm so grateful for that quality time we could spend together. When I started getting tired of sewing it was the fact that he was there that spurred me on and in no time the two tops were done.

We decided to use the same pattern and the same colours. The difference comes in the print on the fabrics and then each one got their initial in the bottom left hand corner.

The first quilt (picked at random) has been pinned and is currently under the machine being quilted. As a backing we decided to use a (new) kingsize flannel sheet which was big enough to back both quilts and give them a cosy feel as well as adding warmth.

With the left over bits I think it would be good to make a little matching friendship bag.

Monday, 25 January 2010

New additions

After spending weeks and weekends indoors (when not working) due to the weather we were so pleased to see the snow and ice melting. We can now see that the bulbs have shoots that are about 3 inches above the soil level. Down in the south of England there are daffodils that are flowering already, but as spring happens later in Yorkshire we will have to wait.

This new freedom also meant we could take a drive out and planned to visit a cousin and who lives in Ripon. It also gave us a good excuse to do some charity shop browsing. It was in one of these fabulous little shops that we found this travelling iron, brand new, never used, in it's own little travel bag. In fact, I didn't spot it but Enman did and says that when he saw it he thought it would make a lovely little quilting iron. On arriving at home he was more eager to plug it in and try it out than I was and it works like a dream. I'm so grateful to have a man that supports my hobby so wholeheartedly.

This little beauty is our second new addition. Unlike the little iron, it has been well used and has a bobbin problem but we don't consider it a problem as it takes a generic bobbin and the cost is really low. It was advertised as 'Offered' as needing attention, on our local freecycle and no-one else responded so we got it. It sews beautifully, the tension is faultless and its quiet. The best of all is that it is the model prior to my very first sewing machine. I'm so chuffed. Thanks Tra.

To all the Scottish folk out there, Happy Burns night.

Take Care

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Final decision

After gathering groups of fabrics in various colourways and assigning them to different designs and then being undecided, they all ended up in a pile (two piles actually) and out of those a few were chosen and they are the final choice. It's exciting to be a part of such a large secretative swap, peeping through the keyhole and getting glimpses of what all the creative folk are up to.

The powers that be have declared that I'm not working this weekend (yay!!!) The intention is do quilt some more on DGD's quilts and finish the top for the DQS8 mini quilt. There are also many friends that we have not been able to visit due to the cold weather and snow, and the garden that needs tidying. Of course I'll be keeping up with the various and wonderful blogs that keep me sane too.

Take care

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Living through your child

As a young girl I remember often saying "I'll never do that to my child"; "When I have children I'll do it differently" etc. Then, when I was finally blessed with a child all that was forgotten. He has no ball skills, he is artistic, he writes right handed but eats left handed, has ADHD, loves music, can play online games for 48 hours solid; can rollerblade and ice skate as if he was born to do it. He once ate 21 Maccidees in a competition to see who could eat the most in 5 minutes; took a £10 bet to eat the worlds hottest chilli (and ended up with swollen lips for 2 days); he has perfect teeth and has never broken a bone. Boy Scouts - not a chance; uni student - never; life and soul of the party -always; generous - he would give you the shirt off his back. So, very early on I realised that most of my good intentions and plans would probably never come to fruition.

After spending hours of lurking on my DQS8 partner and formulating a few mental designs, I realised last night, that all these designs, although they were based on her likes and favourites, were actually patterns and designs I would like for myself but have not done yet, just like the plans I had for my son. My sewing workspace is littered with bundles of fabric in different colour ways. My Dad used to say 'KISS' (Keep it simple stupid). This morning I'm going to tidy up and pack away the fabrics and then pull some out again.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ripple Effects

While I try and figure out how to add buttons to my sidebar, let me tell you what Harry has been up to. Firstly, let me introduce Harry.

He is a rescue dog who we think must have previously belonged to either a pensioner or a disabled person. Why, because he loves chocolate and is petrified of walking sticks. He has been known to undo the zip on my handbag, take out a chocolate and eat it and in the morning all we find is the handbag on the floor and an open and empty wrapper. He can sniff out a chocolate better than the police dogs can find illegal drugs or bombs.

Last night we brought the buckets with fat balls (that we put out for the birds) inside as they were frozen due to the unrelenting cold weather we've experienced lately. This morning, I'm told, he had removed some from the buckets and there were fatballs in his bed and various places on the floor. As a direct result he has had a very upset tummy. Hopefully his recovery is going to be speedy. Needless to say, the bird food will now also be stored on tall counter tops together with the chocolates and biscuits.

Take Care, of yourselves and your four legged children.

Lurker emerges

For months now, as I've read your blogs, I've laughed, wiped tears (of laughter and sadness), been inspired, learnt llife lessons, parenting skills, found out about what's in and what's out, what's new and where to find it and sewing and quilting techniques You've caused me to burn the supper, go to bed late and helped to fill the hours when I couldn't sleep or the snow has kept us indoors.

It's time people. Time to learn how to blog, time to share and show. Please be patient as I dip my big toe into this large pool that is blogland. Please be patient as I learn how to do links and add lists. Of course, all tips and comments will be welcome.

So, welcome to our journey Down the Avenue.

With love,


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